GONEX 5 Pack Resistance Elastic Band Exercise Gym Latex Rubber Fitness Training Stretch Belt Best for Training, Pilates, Powerlifting, Stretching, Physical Therapy, Yoga, Rehab and Home Fitness

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  • Premium Quality Latex
  • Comprehensive Performance
  • Super Flexible
  •  Easy To Clean
  •  Fit For Yoga&Pilates


Goethe said, only exercise can remove all kinds of doubts. With this elastic resistance band, you can enjoy improving your yoga flexibility at anywhere! Let this band remove your doubt.



l Premium Quality Latex: Our resistance loop bands are made of eco-friendly natural latex material. Durable and comfortable for long time use.

l Comprehensive Performance: The band can coordinate with all kinds of figure and movement to reach the versatile effect, adding more fun to the workout.

l Super Flexible: This band of strong elasticity provides long lasting resilience for your exercise.

l Easy To Clean: The band can be washed with water or wiped by dry or wet cloth. Then it will get dry by air drying.

l Fit For Yoga&Pilates: This resistance band can help you get the body you’ve dreamt of with continuous exercise.



1. Item Name: Resistance Band

2. Fit For: Fitness

3. Material: Latex

4. Color Optional: Light Pink, Pink, Rose Red, Light Purple, Purple

5. Tensile Strength: 5~10lb (Light Pink), 10~15lb (Pink), 15~20lb (Rose Red), 20~30lb (Light Purple), 30~40lb (Purple)

6. Size: 600*50*0.35mm (Light Pink), 600*50*0.5mm (Pink), 600*50*0.7mm (Rose Red), 600*50*0.9mm (Light Purple), 600*50*1.1mm (Purple)

7. Weight: 11g (Light Pink), 15g (Pink), 22g (Rose Red), 27g (Light Purple), 33g (Purple)


Package List:

8. 5 * Resistance Band(Light Pink * 1, Pink * 1, Rose Red * 1, Light Purple * 1, Purple * 1)

  • Premium Quality Latex
  • Comprehensive Performance
  • Super Flexible
  •  Easy To Clean
  •  Fit For Yoga&Pilates